hello & loads of love & hugs / elbow-high-fives to everyone in these strange times of mayhem ..

i’m currently bunkered up in a temporary nest in Glastonbury .. and i’d like to join the growing wave of people trying out the whole live-stream-online-transmission thing .. 

i’m sure it’ll all be a bit shambolic .. it’ll very much be a case of figuring-it-out-as-we-go-along .. but i think that’s what we’re all doing at the moment, right !?

these broadcasts’ll mainly be happening via instagram live @channelsmaychange .. but i’ll look into doing some on facebook too, for those not on the gram .. 

some will be at a PREDETERMINED time, so you know to tune in, and can send song requests etc, either through the live feed, or in advance via the communicate page at www.channelsmaychange.com 

& i’ll also just randomly whack on instah live whenever i’m having a pootle about & feel like broadcasting .. 

showtime info will go out as & when on the channels live page & the usual “socialz” 

also – if anyone’s got any thoughts / ideas / feedback .. get in touch via the aforementioned channels communicate page 


we are happy to say that fyfe dangerfield will shortly begin playing a series of casual, pop-up live shows

the gist: find a room with a real piano, play some songs, take some requests etc

all shows will be listed on our live page as they are booked

if you are interested in helping to organise such a pop-up yourself, please get in touch via our communicate page